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PROUT interview!

May 17, 2011 4 comments

I want to thank you for visiting my BLOG.  This morning our guest was Apekshit, an electrical engineer by trait who feels very passionately about the economic conditions that we are facing today.  Apekshit is a student and fan of the National Best Selling Author and Economist of Dr. Ravi Batra (Who will be our guest next Friday).

As you may know, The US Government has hit a debt ceiling and as of yet Congress has not agreed to raise that ceiling.  What that means to us is that the US Government cannot borrow anymore money until the congress decides.  What is that debt ceiling?  It is at 14.3 Trillion Dollars.  What is your opinion on our current economic debt?

Anyone that has taken economics has heard of the 2 most popular economic systems, Capitalism and Communism.  Apekshit and the organization PROUT suggest a third form of market, a PROUTist society.  Apekshit described PROUT as mass capitalism that gives power to the masses. He talked about how 1% of Americans control 95% of America’s wealth.  He stated that if the “monopolic Capitalism” is left unchecked it could be destructive?  To find out more about PROUT, visit,  What are your thoughts on PROUT, share them with me  in the comment section.

Our guest for next week will be the National Best Selling Author and Economics professor Dr. Ravi Batra.  Dr. Batra published his first book in 1978 predicting the fall of Communist Sovient Union and survival of Communist China.  He also predicted the .com bubble as well as the housing bubble.  He has more predictions that he is going to discuss with us on the show.  CLICK HERE to listen to one of Dr. Batra’s interviews.  You can also visit for more information.  Tune into 104.9 FM (DFW area) or listen live at next Friday (May 27th 2011) to the Early Morning Show between 6-7AM to hear the interviews live.

If you could Ask Dr. Ravi Batra Any questions, what would it be?

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